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A consortium offering worldwide leading architectural and technical expertises to devise and carry out the offshore urban extension programme of the Principality of Monaco


The Monte Carlo Sea Land project in a nutshell


§  A project with a strong environmental commitment, enhancing the global influence of the Principality of Monaco


§  A world class master plan directed by Daniel Libeskind, one of the most influential and reputed master planners and architects of his generation


§  A project owned by a Monegasque majority


§  A project supported by a co shareholder, Limitless LLC (a Dubai World company), a world-class master developer in large-scale waterfront real-estate projects.





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Project background and philosophy



The Monte Carlo Sea Land (MCSL) Project


The origins of the Monte Carlo Sea Land project and of its objectives arise from a four-fold encounter between:


§  Monegasque entrepreneurial families sharing a common strong involvement in the social and economic life of the Principality. By working on the Monte Carlo Sea Land project, they committed themselves enthusiastically to the visionary undertaking of the offshore extension of Monaco supported by H.S.H. Prince Albert II. The scope of the Project, its boldness and its very demanding environmental requirements, will give a new influence to the Principality in the world.


§  Daniel Libeskind, one of the worlds leading contemporary architects. He will express his outstanding personality and talent on the unique playground offered by the offshore extension programme of the Principality, following the example of the reconstruction of Freedom Towers master plan in New York of which he is lead master planner.


§  Limitless, a Dubai World company is a co shareholder of Monte Carlo Sea Land. Limitless is a socially conscious world class master developer that brings unique expertise in global large-scale waterfront development projects and the financial capability to ensure such a project will be delivered.


§  Some of the worlds leading architects, engineers, contractors and environmentalists enlisted by MCSL and ensuring that this Project has been planned as a global representation of the greatest thinking to deliver a ‘clean liveable’ development that will place Monaco at the forefront of world scale developments. 



The extension on the sea Project will focus the world’s attention to the Principalities commitment to delivery of a visionary development which will certainly force a new wave of thinking that surpasses the current environmental sustainability trends.  It will be a project for the world and importantly delivered for all Monegasques


MCSL and its global partners are fiercely committed to delivering its ambitious project, not just as a centre piece for Monaco today but as a legacy for generations to come.



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Key objectives of the Principality of Monaco


For more than one hundred and fifty years, the Principality of Monaco has been expanding its territory over the maritime area thanks to ambitious and often innovative projects (Port Hercule, Larvotto, Fontvieille, seawall and counter jetty…). Today, the Principality stretches 200 acres.

In order to secure the long-term development of the Principality, H.S.H.
Prince Albert II launched a new offshore extension programme in July 2006. Very demanding objectives and requirements were set in order to guarantee the success of this major project for the Principality.


Driven by strong political will, the implementation of the offshore urban extension programme is to be flawless in terms of sustainable development and preservation of the marine environment and wildlife. This project will  deliver a new extension to Monaco with over a dozen acres to be created in a unique and environmentally friendly way. .

The project encompasses the construction of a substructure to be used as the frame upon which the building programme above sea level will be carried out, including real-estate programmes, amenities and public area, together with an iconic building. The goal is to develop an urban project while continuing to enhance the city’s diversity, complexity and uniqueness.



Key parameters of the project: exacting requirements


Urban planning & architecture


Architectural and constructive requirements are in line with the pursuit of aestheticism, modernism and sustainability: HEQ criteria, contemporary and bio-climatic architecture, natural blend with the existing site (natural and urban landscapes), sustainability of sea protective structures, compliance with marine construction rules and applicable regulatory disposals regarding construction work in seismic areas…


§  Total construction floor area : 275,000 m²

§  Built up area limited to 45% of overall extension area, including diversified surfaces (commercial, tertiary, luxury touristic surfaces and housing)

§  Maximum altimetry constructions to be less than 38 meters high

§  « Flagship building » for public use displaying an exceptional architectural design


Environment & Sustainable Development


From design to construction, this worldwide unique town-planning project is to resort uppermost to environment friendly techniques so as to blend naturally in the marine and urban landscape of the 21st century Principality. This project stands as a unique opportunity for Monaco to set a worldwide example in terms of sustainable development for today as well as for the future.


§  HEQ criteria: bio building, water, energy, and waste bio management, cleaning and maintenance, general comfort (acoustic, visual, sound…) and sanitary quality of the areas, the air and the water…

§  Resort primarily to renewable energies for lighting, heating and/or air conditioning

§  Priority given to low carbon emission transportation modes (pedestrian, cycle lane,…)


Preservation of the marine environment

Preserving the marine environment as well as strictly respecting adjacent protected areas is a key priority of the project, both in the construction phase and once completed.
Hence the integrity and the « health » of the underwater Larvotto Reserve and that of the coralligenous submarine wall in the Spélugues should be carefully taken care of.



Schedule of the call for tender


§  July 2006 

Launch of the call for tender - Sixteen candidates participated in the first consultation phase


§  December 2006 

Selection of five groups


§  January to December 2007 

Drawing up of proposals and dialogue with the Principality


§  25 March 2008 

Bids were submitted and presented to H.S.H the Sovereign Prince


§  30 September 2008 

Two candidates were preferred, including Monte Carlo Sea Land. The Principality gave priority to an extension project with an aspect of headland or peninsula.


Given the current international financial crisis, the Principality is launching a new phase of exchange with all the candidates.


§  [December 2008] 

Final bids to be submitted by competing candidates


§  [February 2009] latest

The final decision should be announced



More information on the project is available on the official website of the Principality of Monaco

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Shareholding structure


§  Monegasque majority shareholding


§ Entrepreneurial families involved in Monaco real-estate initiated the project (among  which, the Marzocco and Segond families)

§ Comprehensive expertise in real-estate businesses

§ Strong and long-standing integration to local culture and a clear understanding of Monegasques’ expectations

§ Full personal involvement of each family in the project


§  A co shareholder specialized in carrying out and managing large-scale waterfront real-estate projects


§ Limitless LCC  is a company focusing on real-estate promotion and investment

§ Subsidiary of Dubai World – Dubai’s flag bearer in global investments and one of the worldwide leading investment companies (over a hundred billion dollars of assets under management)

§ Strong and renowned expertise in large-scale marine and urban planning

§ Lead the two latest and biggest marine extension projects worldwide


          Major constructions and projects


§ Design and construction of waterfront projects :

§ The WORD ISLANDS in Dubai: 300 man-made islands are being strategically positioned to form the shape of a world map – each offering the most exclusive and exciting residential and leisure opportunities. The islands stretch from 23, 000 to 83, 000 m² and the World will measure 9 km in length, 7 km in width and will add 232 km of beachfront to Dubai’s coastline. Construction has just started and will be completed in 2010. Total investment amounts to $1.8bn.

§ THE PALM in Dubai: This project consists of three island clusters emerging from the waters of the Gulf – The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Diera – each forming the shape of a date palm tree. When completed, they will add a total of 520 km to Dubai’s shoreline. Between them, the three islands will be home to over 100 luxury hotels, 10,000 exclusive residential beachside villas, 5,000 shoreline apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities, health spas, cinemas and extensive dive sites.


§ Carried out various urban projects (housing, offices, shops, tourism…): Jebel Ali in Dubai, Khimki Region in Moscow, Bidadi in India







A team of reputed architects


§  Daniel Libeskind 


In a nutshell


Considered as one of the most influential architects of his generation and rewarded many times for his talent, Daniel Libeskind was selected in July 2003 to rebuild the site of the World Trade Center in New York. Among other of his projects are : the extension to the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada), the Military History Museum of Dresden (Germany), the Grand Canal Performing Arts Centre and Galleria of Dublin (Ireland), the Sukkah, an extension to the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and « Westside », Europe’s biggest mall located in the region of Bern (Switzerland).




§ Born in 1945 in Poland, he was naturalized American in 1965. He started by studying music in Israel, then he left to the US to study at the Bronx High School of Science, followed by architectural classes at the Cooper Union School in New York and at Essex University in the UK. In 1985 he was awarded the 1st Leone di Petra Prize at the Venice Biennale.


Major completed works and projects


§ 1989/98 : Jewish Museum Berlin

The centerpiece of the building is its « void line », drawing linearly six voids throughout the museum’s vertical space, thereby symbolizing the absence of the people who died in the Shoah in German history.

§ 1998 : Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco

§ 2002 : Imperial War Museum North in Manchester

§ 2002 : Extension to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

§ 2003 : Won the competition to be the master plan architect for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site in New York.

The project aims at preserving the memories linked to the September 11th tragedy by leaving Ground Zero intact underground, while fuelling hope for the future by building a 550 meter-high tower in the shape of an arrow. It will be the highest inhabited tower in the world. Each year on September 11th, the building will be lit up by the sun without drawing any shadow at 8:46am (first collision) and at 10:28 am (collapsing of the 2nd tower).

§ 2007 : New 46,000 m² mall project in the City Center of Las Vegas

§ 2010 : « Złota 44 » project, a 54-story and 192-meter tall tower in the shape of a glass sail in Poland




§  Arata Isozaki 




§ Arata Isozaki, a 77-year old Japanese architect, started as a « project architect » alongside the architect Kenzo Tange. He also got his inspiration from Le Corbusier’s works by focusing his attention on geometrical patterns and cubic shapes. In 1963, he founded his own company, Arata Isozaki & Associates, within which he signed over 300 architectural works around the world.


Major completed works and projects


§ 1978/83 : Tsubuka Civic Center and Kamioka City Hall (1975/78)

§ 1986 : Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles

§ 1987/91 : « Team Disney » Offices in Orlando, Florida

§ 1992 : Sports Stadium in Saint Jourde for Barcelona Olympic Games

§ 1993/95 : Science Museum of A Coruna

§ 2000/06 : Shinzen Cultural Center in China (music hall and library)

§ 2002/07 : « Weill Cornell Medical College » National Library in Qatar

§ 2006 : Turin Sports Stadium (Olympic swimming pool) for winter Olympic Games

§ In progress: a 220-meter skyscraper in Milan, part of the Citylife project and the new train station in Bologna (Italy)


Š       Franćoise-HélŹne Jourda (Jourda Architectes Paris)


§ Franćoise-HélŹne Jourda is a French architect who was born in 1955 and who graduated in 1979. She is reputed for her strong commitment to sustainable development, not only within her architectural firm (JAP), but also throughout her teaching at the Vienna school as well as her consultancy in architecture and city planning, EO.CITE. In 1996, she signed the « European chart for solar energy in architecture and city planning ». At the end of 2007, she submitted a report on sustainable development in the field of construction to the French Minister of Ecology, Mr Jean-Louis Borloo.

 Major completed works and projects 

§ 1998 : Melun Courthouse

§ 1999 : Herne Sodigen Training Academy in Germany

§ 2003 : Bordeaux Botanical Gardens and Rhône banks in Lyon

§ 2005 : AMO HEQ Mission for the rehabilitation of the Bois le Prźtre tower in Paris

§ 2006 : 1st office building with « zero » energy in Saint Denis (93)

§ In progress : Restructuring and rehabilitation of the small island of the Journal du Sud Ouest in Bordeaux

                     Design and urban analysis for eco-neighbourhoods in France

§ Competition won for the rehabilitation of the Halle Pujol in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, a project regarding the development of an eco-neighbourhood and offices in Clamart, and housing projects in Monaco




§  Alexandre Giraldi




§ Monegasque architect born in 1970, Alexandre Giraldi graduated from the Ecole d’architecture de Marseille Luminy (DPLG) in 2001. Already at the time, his thesis dwelled on the offshore extension project of the Principality of Monaco “When urban life is put to sea”. He partnered with Joseph Iori, a renowned Monegasque architect. Together, they worked on a number of major projects in the Principality. He then took over the Joseph Iori studio.


Major completed works and projects in Monaco


§ 2005 : « Monte Carlo Bay » Hotel

§ 2009 : « Oiseau Bleu » - Housing buildings

§ 2009 : Design and construction of the new Yacht-Club 

§ 2009 : Construction of seawall superstructures in the Northern and Southern parts of the Condamine harbour


Urban planners and designers deeply inspired by sustainable development



§  West 8


Based in Rotterdam, West 8 is a landscape design and architectural firm founded in 1987 by Adrian Geuze. The staff includes 70 international architects, landscapers and industrial designers who manage projects all over the world. West 8 focuses on the design and planning of parks, gardens and small public gardens with a specific expertise in waterfront projects. West 8 also designs urban projects such as bridges for pedestrians or bicycles, benches, streetlights and other street equipment.


Completed Works & Competitions Won


§ Park of the Big Museum of Egypt, Cairo (Egypt – in progress)

§ Chiswick Park, London (UK)

§ Eco-neighbourhood on the Saint-Denis Island, Plaine Commune (France - 2008)

§ Governors Island, New York, (USA - 2007)

§ Playa de Palma, Mallorca (Spain - 2008)


Constructors with a unique maritime expertise




BESIX, the largest Belgian construction group with a worldwide reputation, has extensive know-how in complex marine engineering projects.



§  Van Oord 


Van Oord is the worldwide co-leader in dredging for large scale marine projects in the world, among which The Palm and The World in Dubai.




Engineering and design carrying the footprint of sustainable development


§  Mouchel Group


Mouchel Group, based in the UK, is a worlwide renowned engineering consultancy with leading positions in the engineering of water, energy, public health, highways…


§  WL / Delft Hydraulics


WL/ Delft Hydraulics is an independent consulting and research institute focusing on water-related issues.


§  Creocean


Creocean is a consultancy focusing on marine and coastal developments, as well as oceanography. Based in La Rochelle (France), Creocean offers the best multi-disciplinary skills and is therefore able to address many of the issues linked to the sustainable development of the seashore.